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We provide a full range of accessibility consulting services helping architects, designers, engineers, builders, managers, developers and government organizations implement Universal Design principles and accessible best practices.

We are pleased to engage in conversations about accessibility and inclusion. As an accessibility consulting agency whose founder has lived with a physical disability all her life, the Level Playing Field Inc. (LPF) team brings not only an extensive background in architectural and interior design reviews paired with deep knowledge of national and international regulatory frameworks, but also countless real-life examples of how accessibility can “go wrong”.

Our strength lies in our ability to dig deep. We listen to the issues you seek to address and help you find those you might be missing. Drawing from the phenomenology and insights of disabled lived-experiences, we can approach accessibility from a standpoint that goes above and beyond mere code compliance. By prioritizing accessibility from a universal and human-centered design perspective, we hope to support you in establishing an inclusive and exceptional working environment that will unleash the potential in all.


Level Playing Field works closely with clients to develop comprehensive accessibility plans aligned with the requirements of the Accessible Canada Act (ACA). Our goal is to ensure compliance with regulations while fostering inclusivity in all projects.

  • Thorough Analysis: We meticulously review your project goals and needs, considering both organizational requirements and community impact.
  • Alignment with ACA: Our plans are designed to comply with the Accessible Canada Act, meeting all standards and guidelines.
  • Customized Solutions: We provide tailored accessibility solutions unique to your project’s context and challenges.


Level Playing Field collaborates with design teams to conduct thorough reviews of drawings for accessibility at all stages of a project, from concept to contract documents. Our goal is to identify and address potential barriers to accessibility, ensuring that your project meets the highest standards of inclusivity.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: We conduct detailed assessments of design plans, checking all aspects of accessibility like pathways and signage to ensure they meet standards.
  • Expert Insight: Our expertise guides our review of how design impacts accessibility, offering deep knowledge on standards and practices.
  • Collaborative Approach: We maintain a partnership with design teams, ensuring effective communication and teamwork in our review process.
  • Detailed Reporting: We provide comprehensive reports detailing our findings and recommendations about the accessibility status and required actions for the project.

Policy Guideline

Level Playing Field offers tailored planning and construction guidelines for municipalities, corporations, and other entities committed to creating inclusive environments. Our expert consultants work closely with stakeholders to develop customized policy guidelines that address specific needs and objectives. From accessibility in urban planning to construction standards for commercial developments, we provide comprehensive solutions that prioritize inclusivity and compliance with accessibility legislation.

  • Policy Documents: We craft detailed policies for organizations to ensure their planning and construction practices support accessibility and inclusion.
  • Best Practice Guidelines: Using industry standards and stakeholder feedback, we establish guidelines for creating accessible and inclusive environments.


Level Playing Field conducts thorough site audits – physical assessments of accessibility. Our expert team meticulously examines built environments, identifying barriers and assessing compliance with accessibility standards. From architectural features to digital infrastructure, we provide actionable recommendations to improve accessibility and enhance the user experience for all individuals.

  • Physical Site Assessments: Our experts perform in-depth evaluations of environments, examining elements like ramps and signage to identify and advise on accessibility improvements.
  • Actionable Recommendations: We offer customized advice to overcome your site’s specific accessibility issues, with clear reports and strategic solutions for enhancing accessibility for all.


Level Playing Field specializes in inclusive stakeholder engagement for accessibility. Through methods like questionnaires, experience mapping, interviews, and seminars, we ensure diverse voices shape the accessibility dialogue.

  • Accessibility Surveys: We conduct thorough surveys, including questionnaires and interviews, to foster a dialogue on accessibility, ensuring all perspectives are considered for inclusive outcomes.
  • Workshops: Our workshops offer insights from user interactions with environments, identifying accessibility barriers, and fostering empathy for impactful changes.
  • Public Seminars: We host seminars to educate and encourage public involvement in accessibility advocacy, creating an informed, inclusive community ready to take action.


Level Playing Field delivers dynamic education seminars on accessibility, catering to diverse audiences including businesses, government agencies, and community organizations. Our speaking engagements cover a wide range of topics such as accessibility legislation, universal design principles, and inclusive practices. With interactive presentations and real-world examples, we empower participants to create more accessible and inclusive environments.

  • Inhouse Accessibility Training and Courses – for architecture firms: Inhouse accessibility courses/series
  • University Courses: We offer specialized courses on accessibility for students in architecture, urban planning, and public policy to instill a deep understanding of accessibility principles.
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions: Our interactive sessions promote a culture of accessibility, covering topics from myths about disabilities to inclusive communication practices.

Accessibility Audit

Website Accessibility Audit Service. In partnership with Edge Creative we ensure that your digital platforms are accessible to everyone, focusing on usability and compliance to WCAG 2.2 Level AA standards.

  • WCAG 2.2 Level AA Compliance: We check your website for WCAG 2.2 Level AA compliance to ensure global user accessibility.
  • Comprehensive Accessibility Testing: Our audit uses tools like WAVE and manual testing with assistive technologies to identify accessibility barriers.
  • Legislative Compliance: We ensure your website meets Canadian and American accessibility requirements, including the AODA, AMA, and ADA.
  • Detailed Audit Report: You’ll get an in-depth report detailing WCAG compliance levels and issues, with clear steps for improvement.
  • Remediation Recommendations: We provide specific recommendations for remediation, such as adding alternative text for images, addressing colour contrast issues, enhancing form fields for screen reader users, and incorporating ARIA landmarks to improve navigation to improve your website’s accessibility.

Rick Hansen
Foundation Accessibility

Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) is a national rating system. Get an RHFAC rating to better understand your physical accessibility, how you can improve, and identify barriers for your community, customers, or employees.

  • Evaluation Criteria: RHFAC assesses a broad range of accessibility features like design and navigation, ensuring environments meet accessibility standards.
  • Assessment Process: Trained professionals perform on-site evaluations to identify accessibility barriers and determine how spaces serve individuals with disabilities.
  • Certification Recognition: Spaces meeting RHFAC’s criteria receive a certification, denoting a high level of accessibility commitment and inclusivity.

What We
Don’t Do

Our mandate is to establish the utmost regard for accessibility within the built environment. Simply, we focus on making the places we live, work, and play inclusive for all, regardless of age or ability. We encourage a design-for-all approach, encompassing universal design, international best practices, and lived-experience.

  • We do not provide advocacy support for political intentions.
  • We do not provide donations or financial support to any nonprofit organizations.
  • However, we do encourage that persons with disabilities seek out one of the many advocacy groups pertinent to their personal experiences.

Do you want to make your business accessible to everyone?

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