We are involved in accessibility because we believe in it’s capacity to catalyze an inclusive world for everyone.


We are a consulting agency that provides innovative Universal Design solutions based on the social model of disability. Our expertise in national and international building codes and accessibility standards and site auditing is complemented by our ability to conduct extensive qualitative research and stakeholder engagement. We apply a social justice framework to our evaluations and accessible best practice recommendations for all urban environments including education, health care, residential, commercial, recreational, retail, and entertainment events among many other spaces. More than ensuring buildings and events comply with legal accessibility standards, we strive to elevate conversations beyond accessible built environments and provide thought leadership around inclusive social policies, programs and guidelines.

Our work stems from the belief that all future and existing environments should be accessible by everyone, regardless of age, ability, mobility or
circumstance. Until you experience a disability it is hard to imagine how challenging it can be to just get around. At LPF, we are proud to be industry leaders in our expertise, and bring an unparalleled level of lived experience and passion to every project we are involved in.

We believe our role as accessibility strategists is inherently based on maximizing time-efficiencies and leveraging what we know and understand to ensure accessibility goes beyond code as much as possible. Overall, our aptitude in universal design is continuously growing from our involvement as a subject matt er expert on numerous projects across North America.

While we have been engaged in a multitude of diverse projects across Canada, we recognize that there are always new and exciting challenges awaiting us. As a result, we always approach new projects with an attitude of excitement and readiness. We firmly believe the following five strategic
advantages set us apart from our competitors and solidify our proven track record in championing accessibility into all of our projects!


“Lived-Experience” Advantage

By centering our reviews, analyses, and recommendations for Universal Design solutions on the voices of people with disabilities, we tackle barriers from the perspectives of those with first-hand experience.

 “Diverse Industry Expertise” Advantage

Our team brings together 30 years of combined experience in a multitude of accessibility, construction, policy review and academic research backgrounds.

“Strategic Relationship” Advantage

With an extensive network across industry, community, and government authorities, we are active in working in the development and implementation of Universal Design Best Practice policies and accessibility guidelines.

“Design to Budget” Advantage 

By building in accessibility features from the start and futureproofing the built environment, we save clients’ money and future headaches of having to retrofit designs that are non-inclusive or non-compliant to accessibility standards.

“Accreditation” Advantage

We are able to provide Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ (RHFAC) to showcase the client’s commitment to designing meaningful access and holistic user experiences for everyone regardless of age or ability.

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