We Provide Universal Design Solutions


Who We Are

Level Playing Field is a consulting company providing Universal Design solutions. We evaluate, develop and promote barrier-free and Universal Design for all urban environments including education, healthcare, residential, commercial, recreational, retail, festivals/events and other spaces.

Our work stems from the belief that all new and old environments should be accessible by everyone regardless of age, ability or circumstance. Level Playing Field is helping achieving this by working with public and private sectors including government, hotels, restaurants, airlines, schools, recreational centres, cruise lines, festival promoters and many more to make this a reality. 

We strive to be industry leaders in our training and bring a unique outlook having team members with experiences train individuals on how to make the world universally accessible for all.  Through research, design reviews, recommendations and training Level Playing Field promotes the concept of barrier-free, Universal Design and best-practice principles in design, construction, management and manufacturing disciplines. 

Level Playing Field helps remove barriers and make the world inclusive for all.

We collaborate with designers, builders and manufacturers on the development of new accessibility solutions as well as offering training and education to industry professionals and the general public through social media, publications and instructional materials, tradeshows, events and seminars and advocacy through councils and community groups.

Until you are disabled (permanently or temporarily), it is hard to imagine what a challenge getting around can be. Level Playing Field wants to remove these challenges and make the world inclusive for all.

Want to make your environment accessible to everyone?