Breaking Barriers – Universal Design from Lived Experience

If you are headed to the Alberta Association of Architects 2018 Banff Session don’t forget to check out Darby on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 2:15 pm as she discusses Universal Design from real life scenarios. If you are attending the conference, in general, please be sure to come say hi!

“As a person living with a disability, Darby offers valuable insight into the barriers persons with disabilities face daily. Darby’s presentation will highlight shortfalls within current accessibility standards. She will explain how the barrier-free guidelines were derived and why they are not sufficient to guarantee accessibility for everyone. Darby will address the needs of persons with limited mobility, limited dexterity, hearing loss and vision loss. She will point out common errors and suggest improvements and best practice recommendations based off lived experience, ultimately creating more inclusive and welcoming spaces for everyone.”

Check out the Banff Session