Accessible Events. How does your event measure up?

Spring is finally here! Time to change the tires, dust off the BBQ, pull out the patio furniture and enjoy the sun.  With festival season right around the corner, accessibility planning should be on every event planners mind.

Calgary has such a fantastic line-up of events, parades, festivals, block parties, patio parties, markets, concerts etc., so as you are planning your special event Level Playing Field would like to offer a few quick tips to help ensure your big day is accessible.

Plan for an accessible washroom/ port-a-potty. Make sure the accessible port-a-potty is anchored to the ground.  It is surprisingly easy to move a port-a-potty, especially with a mobility device.

If you have an entry gate, make sure it is usable for someone utilizing a mobility device. We recommend a width of at least 1200 mm.  Note: Turn styles are not accessible.  If your venue is utilizing turn styles please ensure a proper alternative is available.

Pathways to Accessible Seating
Ensure there is a safe path of travel.

It’s imperative to train your staff. All employees should be familiar with emergency procedures and make sure they know if the procedures are the same for persons with disabilities or not.  Training staff on Inclusive Behaviours etiquette also goes a long way.

Alternative Communication
Consider providing closed captioning or sign language interpretation.

These are just a few examples of planning strategies you can incorporate to make your event more inclusive.  If you have any questions or you are looking for a more thorough analysis of your event plan please get in touch!  The LPF team would love to work with you to ensure your event is fully accessible and welcoming for everyone.  Universal Design and planning benefits everyone including persons with disabilities, seniors, families with strollers etc.  It can also help your event reach a greater audience.  These are just a few of a variety of minor changes that can make a dramatic difference to your participants.

Have fun and stay safe!