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Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field is a new consulting company that provides Universal Design solutions. We evaluate, develop and promote accessible and Universal Design for housing, buildings, outdoor and urban environments and related services.

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6 days ago

Level Playing Field

#Repost @dandydoodlez
Recolour and tidy up of an old piece for Pride month, that is still just as relevant. The lgbtqia+ community prides itself on being an open, welcoming space, but disabled people are often forgotten. When we complain of lack of access, we’re made to feel like we’re being difficult. We’re often sacrificed for the sake of a venue with stairs or a march route with steps. When you organise a Pride or queer friendly event and forget to consider access, you’re dismissing an entire demographic and betraying the values on which the lgbtqia+ rights movement was built. Disabled people are left to advocate for themselves, writing emails, starting petitions- when accessibility should be a fundamental consideration from the get go. If you go to a local meet up group or event and you notice that it has accessibility barrier, it’s important that you bring this up with the organiser- particularly if it doesn’t directly effect you-and are persistent if ignored. Being disabled and fighting for access can be exhausting. The more ally’s we have pushing for change, the better 🙌————————————- [Image description: image shows a person in a manual wheelchair. Hey have red hair in a ponytail, are wearing a red and blue striped jumper and are holding a pride flag. On the wall is a pride flag saying ‘pride today .’ There is a set of steps in front of them with a sign on the door saying ‘all welcome.’] @wearehiatus #accessibility #disabilityawareness #disability #ableism #accessible #inclusionmatters #prideparade #disabledandproud #disabledpeople #accessforall #makeprideaccessible #disabled #ableism #spoonie #pride #lgbt #lgbtq🌈 #queer #pride2020 #mobilityaid #lgbtqia #pridemonth2020 #pridemonth #disabledartist #queerartist #spoonieartist #stopdiscrimination #discrimination #allwelcome #accessibilityforall
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