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Timeline PhotosWow, the fundraising and donating for the 2020 Terry Fox Run continues – thank you Canada! In this difficult year we appreciate every extra “ask” you are making, email you are sending, thanks you are giving. We are deeply committed to the researchers and research projects that rely on Terry Fox funds. Every dollar has always counted for Terry and the Foundation, but this year that extra dollar might been the difference between funding a project or not.

And now we are adding a community of 3.7 million Terry Foxers to the mix – students, teachers and staff at 9,000 schools across Canada! They are an amazing force for good in our world. We will be sharing some stories over the next couple of weeks that will make you applaud, feel proud and maybe even donate to your alma mater!
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9 hours ago

Level Playing Field

Timeline PhotosWhat a day...a remarkable, inspirational, beautiful day for Terry and for cancer research. Despite missing the spirit and camaraderie of our community Runs, and facing a pandemic that has challenged us all, Canadians showed up for Terry with an enthusiasm and resilience that would have made him so proud. Walkers, bikers, hikers, swimmers, paddlers, families, friends, cancer survivors, young, older, newcomers, lifers, fundraisers, donors – everyone did their part. It was a reflection of not only the love we have for Terry but our determination to make a difference, just like he did 40 years ago. Canada, you tried your best for Terry...and it was magnificent.

Fundraising and donating continues at terryfox.org
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Eligible recipients of the one-time payment of $600 will include Disability Tax Credit certificate holders, as well as individuals receiving:

· Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits

· Quebec Pension Plan Disability Benefits

· Disability supports provided by Veterans Affairs Canada

If you are eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), but have not applied yet, please do it today, so that you can receive the one-time payment for persons with disabilities. The deadline for application is September 25th.

Find out more: bit.ly/2Dn6Xcg

Image description 📷: Graphic displays a series of colored rectangles, icons depicting accessibility and text in the centre which reads “One-time payment of $600 for persons with disabilities. Check your eligibility and apply for the DTC before September 25”.
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